Stay Safe, Stay Sane: How to Win When Working From Home

We know that things are a little strange right now. We’re mostly working from home and trying to make the best of a strange situation. Some of us have children or other family at home. Care commitments. New relationships. Others are feeling isolated, worried about friends and family. And then we still come to log

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How to Make 2020 Your Year & Supercharge Your Career

What a start to 2020 it has been so far. We’ve all seen the comparison pictures, the year-end lists, the summaries and the histories. We joked and we were serious about lifestyle changes and resolutions. Some brave souls even waited until February to have a glass of wine. Amongst all these reflections, we know that

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5 Sure-Fire Ways of Ensuring Your Inclusion Initiative Succeeds

We’ve been looking into Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in the workplace. We busted the biggest diversity myth in our last article, so now it’s time to look at inclusion and five ingredients to give you a sure-fire recipe for success. Don’t Call it ‘Diversity Training’ This might seem counterintuitive at first, but one of the

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Our Iconic Values

It’s been a whirlwind first year for Iconic Resourcing. We launched in April and we were getting positive press by May. In August, we won our first award. By October, we’d expanded our team, run a half-marathon and, finally, enjoyed our launch party. It’s now December, the team’s still growing, and we’re looking forward to

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Why the Best Person Isn’t Always the Best Person For the Job

This month at Iconic Resourcing, we’re shining our blogging spotlight on Diversity and Inclusion programmes. Today, in particular, we’re going to take the time to bust what might be the biggest myth about workplace diversity. A 2015 survey by Deloitte found a generational difference between millennials and older employees, with the later viewing diversity programmes

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