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HR Hub – Market Trends, Events and The BIG Debate

Q1 – 2024

What we’re seeing in the market

  • More interest from candidates to take up temp opportunities to bridge a gap in securing a new role. We have seen this a lot in the mid-senior market when candidates are getting made redundant and wanting to spend more time seeking the perfect role therefore taking up temp opportunities in meantime
  • Candidates feeling frustrated at getting no application feedback from hiring managers – not even a rejection note
  • The market is picking up the generalist HR space (HRBP, HR Advisor) but slightly quieter in the TA space.
  • The transactional HR space can often be seen as background additional support and the least resourced however there is a new confidence to recruit in this space
  • A strong brand and culture continue to be a bigger selling point to candidate than a pay check at the end of the month


HR Network Conference 2024

Emma and Becky attended the HR Network Conference at Murrayfield in May, and it was an eventful day filled with networking opportunities, inspiring keynote speeches, and valuable HR insights. This year’s conference emphasised “Future Leaders” and featured sessions on:

  • Equipping leaders to manage themselves and others through change
  • Empathy in leadership
  • Ensuring the right culture, structure, and skills for the future
  • Discussing the aspirations, challenges, and expectations of future workplaces
  • Building your leadership team for tomorrow
  • Essential skills for future leaders

The conference provided plenty of food for thought, offering key takeaways for professionals at any stage of their career.

Menopause Event

We were also delighted to host a Menopause in the Workplace session with guest speaker Morna Ronnie, founder of The People Portfolio and an accredited network trainer with Henpicked Menopause. Morna covered the importance of considerations from menopause in the workplace to include a business case for investment in menopause awareness and education, menopause information and understanding as well as the symptoms of menopause and the potential impact of those within the workplace.


Office vs Home working: The BIG Debate

In a recent poll with 500 respondents, a significant majority expressed their preference for hybrid work arrangements. A striking 79% of participants indicated they would not apply for a job requiring five days in the office, while only 21% were open to such a setup.

This emphasizes the growing demand for flexible work environments, reflecting a shift in workplace preferences towards hybrid models.

People want to work hybrid for several key reasons:

  1. Work-Life Balance: Hybrid work allows employees to better balance their professional and personal lives.
  2. Increased Productivity: Many workers find that they are more productive when they can choose their work environment. For tasks that require deep concentration, working from home can provide fewer distractions, while the office can be beneficial for collaborative activities.
  3. Cost Savings: Working from home, even part-time, can lead to significant savings on commuting, meals and let’s be honest, spending money shopping on your lunchbreak if you work in a city centre.


Are Higher Education institutions moving toward a Talent Acquisition function rather than traditional Recruitment?


Becky has spent the last quarter meeting with a range of HR professionals across the Higher Education sector including University of the West of Scotland & Strathclyde University

Strathclyde University have been reflecting on their recruitment activities over the last few months. Rachel Owora (HR Manager) commented that with the HR Business Partners and Advisors building such strong relationships with their stakeholder groups, it means they are invested in the roles and understanding what is required. The HR team are going above and beyond to prep candidates prior to interview to ensure they are preforming the best they can. This is really working well for them. Both hiring manager and candidates are delighted.


Dianne Winwood (Recruitment & HR Administration Manager) at UWS is leading her team to more of a Talent Acquisition function. With a larger focus on diversity in the recruitment process and the recruitment team being consultative with hiring managers.

Challenges in the sector:

  • Throughout conversations with a range of HR professionals, it seems there has been some reservation about joining the sector due to the perception of cuts and strikes.
  • Offers being rejected due to them being offered similar roles in a different sector and getting more money
  • Candidates applying for academic roles feeding back that interview processes can be too long


New Face in the HR Team

And finally, we’re delighted to announce that Gemma Gault has joined Iconic Resourcing as a Senior Consultant, focusing on the interim and contract market within HR. Gemma brings a wealth of experience from her background in recruitment, and we are excited to see the positive impact she will make in this dynamic sector.

The contract recruitment market is booming, and there has never been a better time to put an intentional focus on this area. Companies are increasingly seeking flexible staffing solutions to adapt to changing market conditions. In fact, the global staffing market is projected to grow by 6% in 2024, with a significant portion of this growth driven by contract and temporary staffing (*SIA).

More professionals are opting for freelance and contract work. In the UK alone, the number of gig workers has doubled in the last three years, reaching around 4.7 million in 2023. This trend is further supported by the fact that many industries are facing skill shortages, with 75% of employers using contract workers to fill these gaps. (*ONS)

Businesses often turn to contract staffing to maintain agility and control costs. The flexibility of contract recruitment allows companies to scale their workforce up or down based on project needs and market demands.

Gemma’s expertise and dedication will be invaluable as we navigate this evolving landscape and meet the growing demands of our clients. We are confident that her contribution will help us deliver exceptional service and build strong, lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.

Please join us in welcoming Gemma to the Iconic Resourcing team!