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Our Iconic Values

It’s been a whirlwind first year for Iconic Resourcing.


We launched in April and we were getting positive press by May. In August, we won our first award. By October, we’d expanded our team, run a half-marathon and, finally, enjoyed our launch party. It’s now December, the team’s still growing, and we’re looking forward to our first Iconic Christmas night out at the end of the week.

We honestly could not be prouder or happier with how 2019 has gone.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to share with you, at last, the values that we want Iconic Resourcing to represent, to embody and to promote through everything that we do.

Here at Iconic, we’re all about:

  • Authenticity—You’ll find the truest, most authentic version of us every day. No imposter syndrome here!
  • Passion— We care, we really care! And it will come across in everything that we do.
  • Engagement—Making the recruitment process engaging and enjoyable, striving to leave you feeling energised about growing your future.
  • Integrity—We take a strong ethical stance and seek opportunities to challenge unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

We’ll be updating our blog in the new year to let you know all of the ways that we’re managing to exemplify these, our central business values.

Keep your eyes peeled!