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Marketing Pulse: Cheers to success: Sipping on the Latest Marketing Insights

As we bid farewell to another quarter, it’s time to unfold the latest chapter in Iconic’s marketing team chronicles. Grab your coffee, tea, or beverage of choice, and settle in for a rendezvous with the happenings and trends of the past 3 months. 


A hot topic of conversation we’ve noticed across the industry has been around user generated content (UGC).  User-generated content has firmly planted its flag at the forefront of marketing campaigns, capturing the hearts and minds of savvy marketing teams. It’s not just a trend; it’s a powerful force shaping the digital landscape. Companies are realizing that when users become content creators, magic happens. UGC adds an authentic touch to marketing efforts, creating a real, relatable connection with the audience. It’s the secret sauce for brand growth, as happy customers willingly share their experiences through reviews, photos, and videos. This organic content not only builds trust but also sparks a ripple effect, expanding the brand’s reach far beyond traditional marketing channels. Social media, in particular, has become a playground for UGC, where every like, share, and comment becomes a testament to a brand’s authenticity and resonance with its audience. In a world saturated with advertising noise, UGC emerges as the golden ticket to increased engagement, forging a path for companies to stand out and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 


With the thought of UGC in mind, an exciting announcement we have to make is that we are now live on Instagram!  Follow us for the inside scoop on office antics, coffee-fuelled brainstorming sessions, and maybe a cameo from Chubb, our honorary marketing mascot! 


As we’re now fully in the swing of holiday parties and awards season, Iconic Resourcing’s marketing team had a blast hosting a table at the Marketing Society’s St. Andrew’s Day Dinner at the Sheraton Grand, Edinburgh! Huge congratulations to the employer brand champions, Cancer Worldwide Research and Muckle Media! Our night was a swirl of good food, kilts, laughter, and celebrating the brilliance of marketing! 



So, the question on everyone’s lips is what does recruitment look like for 2024?  Having spoken to a variety of companies, new marketing strategies are being implemented and with that comes hiring at various levels.  2024 will bring a level of normalcy that we experienced pre pandemic.  Hybrid working is still very much a preference for the majority of companies and I doubt we will see that change in the next year.  With regards to skills, paid social, engagement and customer centric content  


Finally, our marketing recruitment team is expanding, and we’re on the lookout for dynamic talent to join us. If you’re passionate about making waves in the marketing realm, we want to hear from you. Ready to embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and growth?  


Thanks for tuning into our updates! Wishing you a joyful holiday season filled with warmth and laughter. We appreciate your support this year. See you refreshed and ready for more of Iconic’s marketing adventures in 2024! Happy holidays! 🎄🌟 



Kerry, Amanda and Nathan and Chubb