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How to Make 2020 Your Year & Supercharge Your Career

What a start to 2020 it has been so far.


We’ve all seen the comparison pictures, the year-end lists, the summaries and the histories. We joked and we were serious about lifestyle changes and resolutions. Some brave souls even waited until February to have a glass of wine.

Amongst all these reflections, we know that some of our readers will be thinking about their careers and the possibility of making some job-related changes. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled this helpful guide.

Here are our top 3 indications it’s the right time to make a change:

You’re at the Top of Your Game

On the form of your life is sometimes the scariest place to be. On one hand, if you’re hitting targets, getting results, impressing your colleagues (and your bosses) and going from strength to strength, then it would seem strange to think about moving on — wouldn’t it?

We don’t think so. Everyone needs to be challenged, to have areas of improvement and goals to stretch for. If everything’s coming too easy, it’s far too easy to stagnate.

This isn’t to say that it’s necessarily easy at the top. We’re sure you’re working flat out to maintain your success. But — and this is important — growth comes from consistent improvement. Iteration seeks perfection, but movement leads to progression. The moment you achieve your goals is the same moment you need to set new goals.

You’re Feeling the Most Motivated

Motivation is a fickle friend. It ebbs and flows throughout our days, weeks and – probably – most of our lives. Peak motivation is a hard state to maintain, meaning you must capitalise on being super motivated as soon as you are.

It might seem counter-intuitive (we get that a lot) to take a sudden burst of motivation as a sign to get moving, rather than focus on what’s right in front of you, but it’s really the perfect time.

Motivation doesn’t often materialise from nowhere – it’s a sign that things are going well, that you’re doing the right thing. Like being at the top of your game, take increased motivation as a signal that you’re ready for your next big challenge.

You’re Striving for the Next Stage of Your Career

Do you have a 5 year plan? Do you know where you want to be this time next year? Are you on track to smash your new year’s resolution?

Is your current role helping you get there?

There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there about how long you should stay in one position, or with one company, before moving on. Some will tell you that a series of short postings can worry a potential employer. Others tell you not to worry, it’s all about trajectory.

We’re personally of the opinion that passing on opportunities, or ‘playing it safe’, is rarely the right move. If you have somewhere you want to be, and you know you’re ready, then nothing should stand in your way.

Next Steps

Convinced? Here’s what you can do to kick-start your career change today:

Make Managers Aware of Your Ambition

It can be hard to put yourself forward. Calling attention to your ambition and your purpose, we worry, invites criticism or – our over-anxious mind says – ridicule. This is simply untrue. Managers need to know how employees feel about their level of challenge in existing roles, as well as what support they can offer to help with each individual’s path to progression. Speak up. Make a plan. Start working with your management team to achieve the things that they now know you need.

Seek Out Internal Opportunities

While it’s always affirming to have opportunities presented to you, or to be put forward for advancement. However, waiting around for someone else to suggest something for you could leave you waiting a long time.

If you’re ready, then let people know. Ask about upcoming vacancies, new projects, additional responsibilities. Even if nothing is available immediately, being active, engaged and pre-emptive will mean your name comes first to mind at the right time.

Research Alternative Prospects In Your Industry

Information, knowledge, options. Each of these provide advantage in getting to where you want to be. Knowing what else is out there allows you to make informed decisions when it comes to taking the next steps in your career.

Being abreast of opportunities in your wider industry isn’t necessarily job hunting, and doesn’t mean you’re dead set on moving on. It’s simply good practice to make yourself aware of trends and openings elsewhere.

This can provide leverage when negotiating for internal vacancies, or perhaps provide an opportunity you previously hadn’t considered. If it’s your time to take the next step, or reach the next stage of your career: enjoy your successes, revel in your motivation, and build your ambition.

Make 2020 your year and supercharge your career.

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