Here at Iconic, we start as we mean to go on. We set goals with the incorporation of Iconic Resourcing to ensure we have a positive impact on our environment and stakeholders including clients, employees and society. Our CSR policy will remain integrated into our business model and will go beyond compliance requirements and engage in actions beyond the interests of Iconic.

When interacting with employers, candidates and our employees, Iconic Resourcing will promote best practice in all business and social activities and take a strong ethical stance.

From 2019 we are honoured to partner Alzheimer Scotland.

Around 90,000 people in Scotland have dementia and this figure is set to double within a generation as our population grows and ages. There is no cure for dementia. However, with the right level of therapeutic engagement, practical advice, emotional support and social interaction people with dementia can live independent lives in their communities, close to the ones they love for longer.

Alzheimer Scotland is Scotland’s leading dementia charity, offering specialist support services, community activities, information and advice at every stage of the dementia journey, from over 60 locations across Scotland, from Shetland to the Borders! It is our mission to ensure that nobody faces dementia alone.

“It’s not just the forgetting things that’s hard. It’s the fear, the confusion, the isolation, the terrible feeling that something has gone. Sometimes I feel so alone.”
– Person living with dementia

Everyone with dementia is different, and one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why it’s so important that Alzheimer Scotland offers a range of personalised support services and choices to fit the needs of the individual.

Alzheimer Scotland provides a network of specialist Dementia Advisors, a Dementia Nurse Consultant in every NHS health board, Dementia Research Centres, a Freephone 24 hour Dementia Helpline and numerous local support services, reminiscence programmes and resource centres in communities all across Scotland.

“The advice I have received from Alzheimer Scotland has helped me to understand my condition and will hopefully help me to continue to enjoy a good quality of life”
–Person living with dementia

“Alzheimer Scotland has helped me to join the dots in a fragmented world”
Family carer

The only way Alzheimer Scotland can offer such a wide range of support services is with your help, by raising vital funds and raising awareness.

To learn more about dementia, and the services Alzheimer Scotland provide:

Call their Freephone 24 hour Dementia Helpline on 0808 808 3000

Visit their website www.alzscot.org, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @alzscot.